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Nativity Stones
The Nativity Stones are the only stones ever to be removed from the Manger Room in the Cave of the Nativity, excavated just a few feet from the star that marks the birthplace of Jesus Christ.  They have been authenticated by the Mayor of Bethlehem, High Priest of the Cave of the Nativity, The Vatican as well as many other distinguished authorities.  
A portion of the proceeds from the Nativity Stones Collection is contributed to worthy charities each year.


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Nativity Stones

"Just touch the cross and I know you will feel something. You can't help but feel something."
  - Bobbie Timberlake

"The Nativity Cross is an outward token of an inward commitment to me. It's my commitment to Jesus Christ in a tangible form."  - Dorthy Quertermous

"You feel like you have a piece of Jesus with you."  - Karen Lindstom