Dedication of the Nativity Stones Plaque at
the Vatican

Nativity Stones Authenticity

The authenticity of the the Nativity Stones are well documented.

Dedication of the Nativity Stones Plaque at the Vatican

Diane Keith, the daughter of the man bequeathed the Nativity Stones, and her nephew Jeffrey Lowden were humbly honored to be guests of the Vatican.  They attended a dedication ceremony where the Nativity Stones was presented with a plaque that was placed in the Vatican.  His Eminence Cardinal Camillo Ruini, then Vicar General of the Diocese of Rome, oversaw the dedication and blessed the plaque.  His Eminence was presented a Nativity Stones Victorian Prayer Rosary during the ceremony.

Presentation of Nativity Stones Rosary to
Cardinal Ruini
Nativity Stones Vatican Plaque Dedication

Nativity Stones Vatican Blessing

Letter from Elias B. Bandak, Mayor of Bethlehem

A scanned copy of the original Letter from Elias B. Bandak, Mayor of Bethlehem, recounting and authenticating the Nativity Stones shipment to Stanley Slotkin in the US.

".... During February 1964, Mr. Stanley S. Slotkin was on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, and his visit to the Basilica of Nativity at Bethlehem, coincided with the time when the actual digging was taking place. A quantity of rocks was being removed from this site, drawing the attention of Mr. Slotkin, and he thought if he could acquire some of these stones, he would undertake to distribute them to museums and churches in the United States of America, with the conviction that these stones will create interest in all faiths..."

Harold & Diane Keith with Mayor of Bethlehem

Father Bandak and Diane Keith with the
Nativity Stones Cross

Cardinal Sin in the Philippines presented
a Nativity Stones Cross

Letter from the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure of Israel

The Geological Survey Letter from the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure of Israel confirming the geological composition of the Nativity Stones matching the stone from the Manger Room of the Cave of the Nativity.

"Geological Location: The two samples are chalk indicative of the Menuha Formation which outcrops in the Bethlehem region. The town of Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity are located on this Formation." 



Letter from George G. Bandak, Priest of the Church of the Nativity

Reverend Economies George Bandak affirms that he went with the Cave of Nativity Foundation where he showed Slotkin’s family the exact location of the excavation, thus authenticating the Nativity Stones.


Letter from Elias M. Frelj, Mayor of Bethlehem

“On behalf of the Christian community of Bethlehem, I wish to express my appreciation for the generous contribution of money your Cave of Nativity Foundation has made.” 



Letter from Law Offices of Kershaw, Fullgni & Fabbri, Vatican City

“…the “Nativity Stones” were the object of scrupulous and attentive study.  The competent offices of the Vatican posed a condition sine qua non that the “Nativity Stones” are 1) authentic (originating from the site of the Nativity of Jesus Christ)…  The authenticity and origin of each “Nativity Stones” was first irrefutably established by virtue of a signed and sealed declaration given in writing June 1, 1964…”


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