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How the Nativity Stones Have Touched Lives

The Nativity Cross is a Transcendent Reminder
Testimonial by: Robert Opinion
When God seems too far and out of reach, the Nativity cross is a transcendent reminder that He is right beside me giving me hope and comfort.

A Chance to Witness About Our Lord
Testimonial by: Susan McKitrick
I have purchased many of the Nativity Stone Crosses over the years. I love them and everything they stand for. When I wear my Nativity Stone Cross, it is a gentle reminder to myself that I am never alone in this world. I also get an overwhelming feeling of peace in my heart. When I wear my cross, there has not been a time yet that someone doesn't ask me about the stone. It is a wonderful piece of jewelry that is a conversation starter and gives me a chance to witness about our Lord Jesus Christ. The workmanship of the jewelry is outstanding and so is the price of the jewelry. I personally do not think there is a cross available today that has more meaning than the Nativity Stones Collection.

Reminder of Jesus' Love
Testimonial by: Vicky Midis
I have purchased many crosses as gifts for family members. They have all been moved by the sentimentality of these crosses and wear them everyday as a reminder of Jesus's love for us. There is a special feeling that overcomes you when you wear these crosses, its indescribable. I wear my cross all the time and feel, it helps me feel safe and peaceful and reminds me that Christ is walking alongside me every step of the way in my daily life. Thank you for offering these crosses: they are treasured pieces.

Jesus Came to Me With This Stone
Testimonial by: Ray Smith
I’ll probably never see the place where Jesus was born, but Jesus came to me with this stone from the place where we believe He was born.

You Will Feel Something
Testimonial by: Bobbie Timberlake
Just touch this cross and I know you will feel something. You can’t help but to feel something.

Helped Me Get Through a Very Difficult Period
Testimonial by: L.G., Los Angeles, CA
The Nativity Cross helped me get through a very difficult period when my mother was ill…I did a great deal more praying and appreciated having the Nativity Cross with me. It helped me get through a very difficult period…and she ended up being fine.

Prayed with the Nativity Cross
Testimonial by: Teresa De Le Riva
I prayed with the Nativity Cross the first night I got it and I felt something special, like I was being heard.

A Piece of Jesus
Testimonial by: Karen Lindstrom
You almost feel like you have a piece of Jesus with you.

Jesus in a Tangible Form
Testimonial by: Dorothy Quertermous
The Nativity Cross is an outward token of an inward commitment to me. It’s
my commitment to Jesus Christ in a tangible form.

I Feel More Christian
Testimonial by: Catherine Placek
It's amazing that a little stone could do so much, but it has. I feel more Christian, I guess you can put it. I feel He's helped me a lot and so has the cross.


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